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Other Services

Are you looking for some fun outside of regular classes?  Rent our space or schedule a Self-Serve Sniff!  Contact us if you have questions and check back for more services. 

A dog sniffing a bag in nosework class

Self-Serve Sniff

Looking for some extra practice?  Check out our Self-Serve Sniff!  Our instructors will have hides set in 6 search areas.  All you do is arrive at your scheduled time and you have the place for 20 minutes to yourself.  No other dogs will be in the building.  You can search on leash or off leash.  You can do the searches as 6 individual searches or do it as one large search if you’re practicing for upper levels.  A map of hide locations will be provided; however, no instruction will be provided.

A dog sniffing a lunch bag in nosework class
A dog sniffing a toolbox in nosework class

Training Space Rental

Do you need a unique, safe indoor space to train?  We have you covered!  Rent the space to practice some sniffing or whatever you’re working on.  Use our matted area to practice obedience, or maybe you want to work on your parkour skills?  Our parkour obstacles are also available for use.  A waiver and rental agreement must be on file.

*We insist renters use proper odor etiquette if practicing Nose Work*  

·       All scent must be in a vessel

·       No hides left behind

Renters will need to complete an orientation before their first rental.

Cost:  $25/30 minutes, $50/60 minutes

Contact us for availability

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