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Workshops & Special Events

Expand your learning! Have fun with your dog!

Do Over Dog Training strives to bring in trainers that are experts in their field to help us all learn new things and become better handlers. 


Whether it’s K9 Nose Work®, Dog Parkour or Canine Fitness, you don’t want to miss out on these FUN and informative workshops and fun events.

Be sure to scroll ALL the way down to see everything we have to offer!

K9 Nose Work ® Check it Out!

Are you interested in learning about K9 Nose Work® and finding out if this activity is right for you and your dog? This is your chance to check it out!

Come meet our instructors and learn about our program. We'll explain what we do and give the dogs a chance to try it out.

This event is FREE, but pre-registration is required.

Stay Tuned for future events!

Engaged Dog = Engaged Search

Engagement is the process of creating an environment where your dog is actively involved in the learning process. An engaged dog is paying attention to you and responding to you, even in distracting environments.

How does this relate to Nose Work? I thought we want the dogs to check out from us and focus on the search??? While we do want our dogs to search independently and not look to us for help, we still need engagement. Our dogs should know we’re part of the team and should respond to us.

Where engagement can really up our Nose Work game is when we’re NOT in the search. What does your dog do from the time they leave your vehicle to the time they get to the staging area or the door of the training facility? Are they focused on you or the environment? Are they scanning the area for dogs, people, SQUIRRELS???? If they aren’t focused before they get to the search…how do you think the search will go?

In this workshop we work on engaging our dogs, whether that be with play or food/toy rewards. We will set up routines for transporting to and from the search area. We will practice reward sessions when the dog finds a hide to keep the game exciting and fun!

If you want your team to be the best team you can be – engagement is the key!

engaged dog

Fun Events!

Registration for all of our events can be found here

Check back for more FUN events in the future!

Whether you use these as trial practice or just to have fun with your dog, DODT is your best source for sniffing!!

CSW Testing Days

Who is Cyber Scent Work for, you ask?  Well...everyone!

  • Teams preparing to trial

  • Teams that are unable to trial due to behavior issues

  • Teams that just don't want to trial

  • Teams that want to have FUN

  • Teams that want to be well-rounded

  • Teams that want to add to their bling collection

  • Teams that are just starting out

  • Teams that are experienced

And here's the bonus - while we think Cyber Scent Work is an amazing program and hope that everyone is as excited about all of the updates to the program as we are - YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SUBMIT ANYTHING TO CYBER SCENT WORK in order to attend CSW Test Prep Classes or CSW Testing Events hosting by Do Over Dog Training.  You can simply participate and never turn anything in.  We envision our testing events to be similar to a smaller version of a Mock Trial or Sniff n Go.  So come, participate and decide later if you wish to submit.  It's up to YOU!

Our next event:  TBD

Traditional Cyber Scent Work: 

Cyber Sniffing Games:  

Register Here
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