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Workshops & Special Events

Expand your learning!

Do Over Dog Training strives to bring in trainers that are experts in their field to help us all learn new things and become better handlers. 


Whether it’s K9 Nose Work®, Dog Parkour or Canine Fitness, you don’t want to miss out on these FUN and informative workshops and special events.

Find It At The Fair Mock Trial

Are you looking for some trial-like searches in a new environment?  You do not want to miss this opportunity to get some practice in at the Hamburg Fairgrounds!

How it works – We will offer NW1, NW2, NW3 and Elite levels.  NW1/2/3 will be one search in each element (container, interior, vehicle, exterior)  The Elite run will be one big search in the Police Building.


Please Note:  due to space constraints, searches/hides may be nested.  What does that mean?  If you are running NW2 – we may reuse some of the NW1 hide placements.  If you are running NW3 – we may reuse some or all of the previous hides.  If you are running Elite – we may reuse some or all of the hides used previously in the day.  This will only affect you if you plan to run multiple dogs at multiple levels.  If we are able to switch up containers or vehicles we will, but we do not want to move hides and have lingering odor in the space for each level as the day progresses. 



NW1:  $50 – 4 searches, 1 hide in each search (interior, exterior, container, vehicle)

10am start


NW2:  $50 – 4 searches, 1-3 hides in each search (interior, exterior, container, vehicle)

Starts after NW1 – TBD depending on entries


NW3:  $60 – 4 searches, 1-3 hides in each search, unknown to handler (interior, exterior, container, vehicle)

Starts after NW2 – TBD depending on entries


Elite:  $25 – 1 search, unknown number of hides

Starts after NW3 – TBD depending on entries


Final details for the event and a schedule will be sent about a week before the event.

Searches will be recorded and videos will be available for purchase.

NW1 Trial Prep Recorded Webinar

Who's getting ready for NW1? Don't miss out on this recorded webinar designed to help all of our newest sniffers understand what to expect at an NACSW™ NW1 trial. We will cover what to expect before the trial, what happens when you get to the trial site and the how the trial itself will run. We will go over some training tips and show some actual NW1 trial footage so you can see what to do...and what not to do :-) There will be a Question and Answer time for everyone attending live. If you  have questions after watching the recorded webinar, send them to

You should receive a link to the webinar in 1-3 business days.  If you do not receive the link after purchasing the webinar, please contact 

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