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Pet Manners and C-WAGS Obedience & Rally Classes

dog with ear up ready for obedience class

Modern Family Dog

A class to give pet dog owners the skills to teach their dog how to navigate our modern human world and help him or her be a happy, well adjusted family member. 

This class is taught by Dogology WNY Training & Behavior

Resolving Reactivity

A class for dogs that are leash reactive (bark, lunge, or lose control towards other dogs or people on leash). In this class you will learn to help your reactive dog through teaching replacement behaviors, along with learning emergency exit strategies, distraction techniques, and how to help your dog relax and manage his or her arousal. 

This class is taught by Dogology WNY Training & Behavior

Sporty Pet Puppy

A class for future sport dogs and future family dogs (and anyone in between!), under 5 months of age.  This class will give your sport dog or family dog foundational skills to be successful in most any environment. In class we will use rewards based training to cover working around distractions (whether
that is on a walk around the neighborhood or at a trial – and whether the distraction is a dog, person, or squirrel!), settling around distractions, socialization exercises, and basic manners cues. This class has “rolling admissions” – start anytime and attend for 6 consecutive weeks; class is structured this way so that you do not miss out on any precious puppyhood waiting for a class session to start!

Number of Sessions:  6

Max. Number of Dogs:  6

Cost:  $180 with purchase of Sport Pet Puppy package

Fear Fighters

A class for shy, timid, fearful dogs. In this class you will help your dog build confidence through problem solving, learning new skills, and playing fun games / activities that provide mental stimulation and enrichment. This class will also touch on some basic behavior modification techniques to help your dog create more positive associations with things they find scary; as well as teach management strategies and things you can do to support your dog and help them feel safe.

Number of Sessions:  4

Max. Number of Dogs:  6

Cost:  $120

C-WAGS Obedience & Rally Prep - Level 1

C-WAGS (Canine - Work and Games) is a dog & handler team sport dedicated to all the great dog and handler teams – that we may all aspire to become such a team with our canine partner. May the journey along the way build a positive relationship, create mutual trust and contain both work and games! In this class we will prepare teams for C-WAGS Level 1 Obedience and Rally trials.  We will cover the following exercises:  Heeling, Find Front, Forward, Sit or Down Walk-Around, Position Change, Call to Heel and Greeting.  Level 1 C-WAGS rally signs will also be introduced in this class. 

  • Prerequisite:  Completion of any basic manners or obedience class

Number of Sessions: 6

Max. Number of Dogs: 6

Cost: $180

Stay tuned for more C-WAGS Obedience & Rally Classes!

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