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Benefits of Virtual Learning

Learn from the convenience of your own home!

  • No need to attend at a specific day/time

  • No driving in rush hour traffic to get to class

  • Personalized attention

  • No time pressure on the human or the dog to figure things out

  • Less distraction than the class setting

  • You can observe things in video review you may have missed live

  • Less stress for fearful and reactive dogs

  • Opportunity to go back and revisit lessons

How do Virtual Classes Work?​

  • Once a student purchases a virtual class through Do Over Dog Training a welcome email will be set that includes links to the video recording of each lesson included in the class and PDF versions of all written material.​

  • Students will have the opportunity to send in three videos each week for the duration of their class for review by instructor.  Feedback will be given within 48 hours.​

  • Students will have the option of joining a Facebook group where they can ask questions and have discussions with other students.​

  • Classes purchased through Scent Work University, Dog Sport University and Family Dog University work similarly, but different participation levels may be offered.  Please see the individual websites for more information.

Virtual Class Offerings

Nose Work Classes

  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work ®

  • K9 Nose Work ® Introduction to Odor (coming soon!)

  • ORT Prep

  • NW1 Trial Prep

  • NW2 Trial Prep

  • NW3 Trial Prep

  • Skill Building for Elevated Hides

  • Virtual Weekly Lessons

Dog Sport Classes @ Dog Sport University

  • Introduction to Parkour

Manners Classes @ Family Dog University

  • Leave It!

Nose Work Webinars @ Scent Work University

  • Start Lines from Beginning to End

  • Covering the Search Area

  • Elevated Hides for the Vertically Challenged

  • Preparing for the ORT

  • Well Rounded Sniffing

Mini Lessons

  • No time for a full class?  Want to go back to foundations?  Take a look at our mini lessons.  You can purchase just the lesson you want to work on from any of our Trial Prep classes.