Specialty Nose Work Classes

If you're looking to focus your training, check out our specialty Nose Work classes.  These classes each run four weeks (except Puppy Sniffs and Roving Sniffers) and all four classes will focus on a specific topic.  Looking for something in particular?  Contact us and we'll add a class to the schedule.  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending). 


  • Prerequisite:  K9 Nose Work ® Introduction to Odor

  • Session Length:  4 weeks

  • Length of class:  Approx. 1 hour

  • Cost:  $100


​See Class Schedule tab for class schedule and locations.

Puppy Sniffs (Novice)


Puppies love to sniff!  This class will encourage your puppy to use his nose to hunt for food. Puppies will learn to search boxes and various containers scattered throughout a search area. Searches will become more difficult and they will learn to solve puzzles to get to the food. Your puppy will become more confident in doing this and will have FUN! Handlers learn to read their dog, which will help later if you continue in the scent classes. All dogs work alone with their handler and may be required to be crated.  It's a good lesson to learn to wait your turn at a young age!  There is no specific age cut off for this class, but it is geared towards dogs 1 year or younger.  This class will mirror the Introduction to K9 Nose Work ® class, the only difference is the age of the dog…and more potty breaks!  All puppies work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending). 


  • Prerequisite:  None

  • Session Length:  6 weeks

  • Length of class:  Approx. 1 hour

  • Cost:  $150


Roving Sniffers Class (Advanced)


If you’re serious about competing or just want to test your Nose Work skills, this advanced Nose Work class is a must!  This class takes place at a different indoor/outdoor location each time scheduled (weather permitting).  These classes often take place in public locations.  Dogs registered for this class should be able to work in distracting environments, be able to wait in their vehicle between searches without excessive barking and be able to be in close proximity to other dogs, people, wildlife, etc. that could be near search area.  Prior permission is required to participate in this class.  Handlers should also be comfortable driving to new places and using a GPS system for directions.  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending).  This is a drop-in class.  Pre-registration is required. 


Students can pay per class or purchase a package and use credits from package.  Pre-registration is required!!


  • Prerequisite:  Permission from instructor

  • Session Length:  1

  • Length of class:  Approx. 1 hour

  • Cost:  $22 per class or credit from package


Back to Basics (Novice and up)


If you want to succeed in Nose Work at any level you ALWAYS have to go back to basics!  All teams should be taking this class several times throughout the year to enhance your skills and build your foundation.  If you’ve recently completed K9 Nose Work ® Introduction to Odor have taken classes elsewhere and would like to join us, this is the class for you!


FUN! and Games (Novice and up)


FUN! and Games is our most popular class! Each week we will play a different game to work on specific skills to enhance our training.  These games will not only help you excel in trials, but are also extremely FUN!


Pressure Cooker (Intermediate and up)


Do you freak out when you hear "30 seconds"??? Are you worried the timer will forget to give you a warning?  Are you entered in an upcoming element trial?  Do you have a slow dog that you would like to get moving?  Pressure Cooker is the class for you!  In this class we will work on games and drills to help you become more aware of how much time you actually have and to keep your dog moving and focused.


Working the Room (Intermediate and up)


This class will teach you and your dog how to efficiently cover a search area and be sure you didn't miss anything.  If your dog blows by the threshold or tends to cut corners, this class will help you solve those problems to set you up for success in your next trial.  Do you forget where you've searched and where you haven't?  Learning to cover the room in a systematic way will help eliminate that issue!


The Distractor Factor (Intermediate and up)


Don't fear the distractors!  It doesn't matter what venue you trial in, there are varying degrees of distractors in all trials of all levels.  Teach your dog what pays and what doesn't by playing the distraction games we have prepared for you in this class.

Adressable Inaccessibles (Intermediate and up)


Getting ready for NW2 or up?  In this class you will learn how to read your dog so you can call that inaccessible hide quickly and with confidence!

Going the Distance (Novice and up)


Nothing beats having dogs that can work independently from their handlers.  This is one of the best compliments to get on your score sheet.  When your dog works independently you don’t have to work so hard!  Having an independent searcher will also reduce any false alerts because you’re not standing next to your dog accidentally cueing him.  This class will also be extremely helpful for USCSS and PSD distance games.

Source Demon (Novice and up)


Dogs do not need to be speed demons to find source quickly.  They need to LOVE the game and understand the game.  Sometimes the “slowest” dogs are the fastest at finding source.  In this four-week class we will focus on teaching our dogs to drive to source and love the game…even more than they already do!

Here's the Proof! (Novice and up)


Your sniffing dog may know that odor is important, but is it the MOST important?  In this four-week class the dogs will learn to ignore outside distractions both in the search area and out.  They will learn that finding source is good and staying there is even better!

Advanced Vehicles & Exteriors (Intermediate and up)


These classes are for dogs and handlers that have experience searching both vehicles and exteriors and want to bring their training to a new level.  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending).

Getting High on Scent Work (Intermediate and up)


This course focuses on high hides.  We will look at different ways to set high hides (on a wall, pole, suspended, etc.) different ways to reward your dog when they find a high hide and most importantly – how to read your dog when he finds a high hide!  You won’t see these types of hides until the higher levels of trialing, but this class is appropriate for dogs at all levels.

AKC Scent Work Buried Hides (Novice and up) *6 week class


These classes are for dogs and handlers teams that have completed the Introduction to Odor class. This class will prepare teams for the AKC Buried Hides class.  We will introduce teams to both sand and water hides and work on Novice through Excellent levels.  Teams in these classes can look forward to competing with their dog or continuing to enjoy Scent Work as a rewarding hobby.  All dogs work alone with their handler and are required to be crated or confined in their vehicle (weather depending).​​

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