Seminars & Workshops

Expand your learning!

Do Over Dog Training strives to bring trainers that are experts in their field to help us all learn new things and become better handlers. 


Whether it's Nose Work, Dog Parkour or Canine Fitness, you don't want to miss out on these FUN and informative seminars and workshops.


Join us for a fitness drop-in class Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM. Each
week we will have a different theme and exercises for you to work on
with your pup. This class is open to dogs of any fitness level. It is
a great way to provide cross-training for dog sports, as well as work
on strength and coordination training to help prevent injuries in dogs
of any age.

Why choose classes taught by a certified canine fitness trainer (CCFT)?
Stephanie Ortel, the instructor for this class, completed CCFT
training through the University of Tennessee. The program focused on
evidence-based and force-free fitness training methods emphasizing
proper exercise form and selection for all fitness levels and life
stages. By completing the program's 40 hours of online and hands on
learning, exam and case studies, CCFTs are well positioned to provide
canine fitness classes focused on safety and results.


April 24th: Fitness Focus on Core Strength
This week our exercises will focus on strengthening the muscles of the
abs, lower back, shoulders and thighs. In addition to improving gait,
posture, and balance, a strong core can make a dog more injury


May 1st: Fitness Focus on Flexibility
Improving flexibility can keep your dog moving in an optimal way. It
is important as part of a complete fitness program and can help
improve performance and prevent injury. We will work on exercises to
increase joint range of motion and body plane movement.

May 15th: Fitness Focus on "I have rear feet?"
Dogs don't always have a good idea of where their rear feet are. This
week's exercises will focus on improving body awareness and
strengthening exercises for the rear legs.