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Enrichment - What is it and How do we do it?

Enrichment is a hot topic, but it can be a confusing one too! Would your dog prefer puzzles, toys, games, or just walks around the block? How about something totally fresh and exciting? Our dogs enjoy new experiences and games just as much as we do, but navigating the world of dog enrichment can feel overwhelming.


If you struggle to figure out how best to provide your dog with enrichment, then you are in the right place!  I am excited to be a part of the 2024 Dog Enrichment Summit.

I invite you to register for the Dog Enrichment Summit here:


I will be talking about the exciting sport of Dog Parkour during the Summit. How does Parkour offer enrichment? Let's talk about what enrichment is first:


Enrichment involves mentally and physically stimulating activities that engage an animal's mind, body, and senses (e.g., smell, taste, sound, smell, touch).

Most pet owners are aware of puzzle toys these days and it’s great they have become so popular.  Whether you’re buying toys or making your own enrichment puzzles you are doing something to help keep your dog’s mind active and that’s awesome. But I want to be a part of my dog's enrichment. One of my personal favorite things about Parkour is how it strengthens my bond and connection with my dogs. It's an enrichment activity we can do together.

Parkour engages my dogs both physically and mentally, because they are thinking really hard about where to put their paws and how to maneuver their bodies in, on, over and under obstacles in their environment. Parkour also engages their SENSES. If we are practicing Parkour on our walk in the woods they are smelling all kind of things in nature, they are hearing water moving and leaves crunching and critters crittering and they are interacting with all kinds of different surfaces - wood, rock, mulch, crushed stone, grass...mud. So much mud...

We'll write a future blog on my love for Parkour and why everyone should do it, but I really want to let people know about the upcoming Summit. Below are a few of the fun, simple activities highlighted in the Summit to ensure that every moment with your dog is meaningful:

1.            Independence trails

2.            Nosework

3.            Communication buttons

4.            Lick mats

5.            Confidence building activities

6.            PORTL

7.            Enrichment games

8.            A new type of snuffle mat

9.            DYI enrichment ideas

10.    Sniffaris

11.    Movement puzzles

12.    Busy boxes

Summit organizer, Barb Buchmayer, has interviewed over 25 dog experts for this complimentary Summit. There has never been an enrichment event like this! Grab your free ticket now. I invite you to register for the Dog Enrichment Summit here:

Dog Enrichment Summit Information

Lori is passionate about strengthening the bond between owners and their pets. She is thrilled that she can devote herself to teaching Nose Work classes, both in person and virtually. 

In addition to instructing classes at Do Over Dog Training, Lori works with students virtually through Scent Work University.  She is also a member of the NACSW Trial Staff and works with several departments within the organization.  If you’re looking for Lori on a weekend, you’ll most likely find her at a trial!  Lori spends many of her weekends at trials as she is a Certifying Official and Judge for NACSW and also a trial official for AKC, USCSS and C-WAGS.  If she’s not out of town working as an official, she is most likely hosting a trial or event locally. 

While Nose Work is her passion, Lori also enjoys teaching Dog Parkour and C-WAGS Obedience & Rally classes.

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