Nose Work Services

Video Review

Looking for a second set of eyes?  Lori will be happy to review practice and/or trial video in order to help you be the best Nose Work Team you can be!

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube
Videos should be 6 minutes or less 
Turnaround will be 3-5 days


Lori is available for short talks and workshops.  Contact Lori directly to discuss topics or book a workshop for your group.  Lori and Aaron also cover topics other than Nose Work.  Contact Lori directly at


*Intro K9 Nose Work ® workshops must be taught by a K9 Nose Work ® Founder and will not be offered.

Private Nose Work Lessons

Attending regular Nose Work classes is important if you would like a well-rounded sniffer.  However, if there is something that isn't being covered in class, a private lesson is the perfect way to concentrate on specific issues; for example, box crushing or creating a stronger indication.  A private lesson is also a great way to get some trial specific practice in.  If your dog is not appropriate for class, a private lesson may work out better for your dog.

Private lessons may be split between two to three teams.  One person must be responsible for registering and paying for lesson.  Topic(s) for lesson need to be emailed to prior to lesson.

Lori is also offering on-line private lessons through Scent Work University.  Click here for more information.


Lori is an official for United States Canine Scent Sports (USCSS), AKC Scent Work and UKC Nose Work.  Please contact Lori directly if you would like to book her for your next trial at

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