Nose Work

Do Over Dog Training is passionate about Nose Work!  Nose Work is an amazing sport for ALL dogs, whatever the breed, size, age or temperament.  Nose Work builds confidence because dogs are encouraged to work independent of their handler and do what they love and what they’re already good at – SNIFFING!  We just teach them what odors we want them to find. 

Whether you want to compete in Nose Work events or just have FUN with your dog - we have the classes for you!  See the drop-down menus for all class descriptions.  Can't make it to a class?  Check out our on-line classes offered through Scent Work University or schedule a private lesson.

How does it work?


Everyone will start in Introduction to K9 Nose Work ®.  Once completed there are many opportunities for you to learn and grow in the sport.

We ask that everyone register on-line.  You can do that by clicking the button below.  This will take you to our on-line scheduling software.  You will be asked to create an account and then you can register for a class.

If you are interested in joining our Nose Work FUN! drop-in classes you MUST register on-line for this class.  This ensures the class doesn’t get too big and it also lets your instructor know which dogs will be attending so appropriate hides can be set.  If you are not a current or previous Do Over Dog Training Nose Work student, please contact us to make sure you are appropriate for this class.  If you’d like to purchase a package you can do that by clicking the link below.

Introduction to K9 Nose Work and K9 Nose Work Introduction to odor are prerequisites for Nose Work FUN!


Where are our classes?

We are currently offering classes in several locations around Buffalo.  Please see the boxes below for addresses.  You can even click on the box for driving directions.  We are constantly changing our offerings at each location, so please see the class schedule tab to see when and where the class you’re interested in is being offered.  We do our best to rotate classes through all of the locations, but if you’re looking for something in particular, please contact us and let us know!

I want to sign up for a class, but I’m going to miss a week, what do I do?

Contact your instructor.  We may be able to work something out for you to make up that class.  There are no refunds for classes after the first class.  If you cannot continue a class or your dog is deemed inappropriate for class by your instructor, a private lesson can be scheduled to fulfill the balance of the session.

Make-up Policy:

  • Student must contact instructor via email at at least 24 hours in advance if they plan to miss a class.  Facebook messages, texts, telling instructor in person, phone call or any other form of communication will not be accepted.  *Emails received less than 24 hours prior to class may be considered depending on the situation.

  • Any student that is a “no show” for class will not be able to make up that class. 

  • Any student that registers for a Nose Work FUN! drop-in class and does not show will not be refunded their credit.

  • Make-up classes must be made up within 30 days or will be forfeited.

  • Student must register for the class they would like to use their make-up via the registration software (register but do not pay).  Make-ups can only be used if there is room in the class.

Class Locations



The Church

575 Ayer Road, Buffalo, NY 14221  


Click HERE for directions.



Southtowns Dog Training Club


81 Buffalo Street, Hamburg, NY 14075  


Click HERE for directions.



Playful Paws


450 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo, NY14223 


Click HERE for directions.

"Our GSD, Saxon, and I had previously taken other classes offered by Lori, so she knew about his insecurity and nervousness around dogs and people.  Never once did she make us feel unwelcome in her classes and even expressed understanding.  This is huge for me because I sometimes feel like we are a "freak show" when Saxon acts out.

When I saw that Lori was teaching nose work and expressed interest, she said it would be perfect for Saxon.  It is not obedience, it would help build his confidence, and boy has it ever!

Saxon really looks forward to going to "school".  He loves when it is his turn to go and "find it".  Most importantly, nose work has helped us on our daily walks through our neighborhood where we encounter many dogs barking at us as we pass by.  All I have to do is tell Saxon to "go sniff" and instead of being nervous about passing these barking dogs, he will eagerly go to the grass and busy himself sniffing, all the while getting barked at close by!

Lori, we can't thank you enough for your patience and encouragement.  Nose work has helped Saxon be more comfortable and confident in our daily lives.

Oh, and it helps when I'm home and we have a thunderstorm during the day - we play nose games!  I could go on and on!" 


Cindy and Saxon

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