Mystery at the Museum - Postponed

This Event is

Come join us to solve a mystery as a team with the help of your super sniffer dog!

This event is open to teams of all levels.  Birch, anise and clove will be used.  Searches may or may not have multiple hides.  Search elements will be interior or container.  Hides will not be over 4 feet high.  Distractors may or may not be used.  Search times will be 1-3 minutes per search and dogs will do all 4 searches in a row.  Only one dog will search at a time.  One false alert will be allowed, but will count against total score.


**Note:  If your dog is destructive in searches or has an active alert please do not enter this event.  If your dog is prone to marking indoors please do not enter this event.  This site is an actual museum.  Dog owners will be responsible to pay for any damage to the museum including professional cleaning fees.

How it works:  Four handler/dog teams will make up one complete team of detectives.  Each team will register for a one-hour time slot.  Your one hour will include time for handlers to walk through the museum looking for clues and each dog will get 4 searches.  Dogs may find extra clues to help you solve the mystery.  Handlers are encouraged to discuss clues while waiting in the parking area, but may not discuss the searches as there will be separate prizes for high scoring dog searches.  Teams that solve the mystery by the end of the hour will be eligible for prizes.  Dog scores will be tallied and announced via Social Media at the end of the day and prizes will be mailed or hand delivered.

This is a time sensitive event.  We ask that attendees do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled time and please be ready to pack up and leave when the last dog in your team has completed searches.  Teams must be ready to search when called.  The game will stop when your hour is up whether searches have been completed or not.


Are you ready to register?  Put together a team of four friends and register for the same time slot.  It will work best if all four handlers register at the same time to ensure your spots.


Don’t have a team?  No problem!  Contact us and we can put you on a team.

Date:  Saturday, April 4, 2020

Time:  9am - 5pm

Location:  Iron Island Museum, 998 Lovejoy Street, Buffalo, NY 14206

Cost:  $65 per handler/dog team

Judge:  DJ Rehberg

High Scoring Dog Prizes:

1st Place Dog - $30 gift certificate

2nd Place Dog - $25 gift certificate

3rd Place Dog - $20 gift certificate

Teams that solve the mystery:  Mysterious Prizes

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