We are offering Handling Skills for Successful Trialing II due to the popularity of the first handling workshop.  We will cover topics from the first workshop in addition to new material.

Effective handling is a dance with your dog as your partner, those teams that are most in sync will have the most success.

We often say, "Trust Your Dog" or "the dog has the nose" and while that is so very true - what happens if your dog is trying to figure out a problem and you are hindering his efforts?

Join us and you will learn to be the best handler and teammate you can be!


  • Body language - what are you saying to your dog?

  • On-leash vs. off-leash - handling for both

  • How to handle your leash

  • Distance - at what distance does your team work best?

  • Talking to your dog - do you need to do it in a search?

  • Presenting - when it works and when it doesn't


This interactive workshop presented by Lori Timberlake & DJ Rehberg is part of a series of topics we would like to cover over the next few months to help our local teams excel in trials - no matter the venue.


This will be an interactive workshop for both auditors and working spots. Working spots are limited to five (5).

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