When we start playing Nose Work, the dog is the STAR!  The dog has the nose and we just have to stay out of his way and let him use it.

As we progress and start to trial it becomes clearly evident that the handler is in fact part of the team!  Sometimes we just need to help our dog get to a part of the room that wasn't searched.  But we can't do that unless we remember where we've been!  And how we do that without taking over the search?  We hope to help you answer these questions so you rock that next trial!!


  • Why Handlers are Important

  • How to Go About Covering the Search Area

  • Common Pitfalls to Avoid

This interactive workshop presented by Lori Timberlake & DJ Rehberg is part of a series of topics we would like to cover over the next few months to help our local teams excel in trials - no matter the venue.


This will be an interactive workshop for both auditors and working spots. Working spots are limited to five (5).

**SNOW DATE IS 1/25/20**

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