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Training Classes

While our focus is K9 Nose Work®, we are happy to refer you to these classes taught by our very own Kristen Hanley, CPDT-KA, through Dogology WNY.  Please visit Dogology WNY at or contact to register for these classes.

Family Dog, 6 weeks, $150 - A class to give pet dog owners the skills to teach their dog how to navigate our modern human world and help him or her be a happy, well adjusted family member. 

Resolving Reactivity, 8 weeks, $250 - A class for dogs that are leash reactive (bark, lunge, or lose control towards other dogs or people on leash). In this class you will learn to help your reactive dog through teaching replacement behaviors, along with learning emergency exit strategies, distraction techniques, and how to help your dog relax and manage his or her arousal. 

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