Board n' Train


Who better to train your dog but a dedicated training professional? Enrollment in Board n’ Train is the fastest way to imprint the behaviors you desire for your dog.

At Do Over Dog Training, your dog will spend their days in our home with our professional dog trainers, our family and our dogs, 24/7. Your dog will be exposed to all types of environments other than our home; including vehicle travel, public places and group classes.  

The main focus is usually the foundation of manners, basic obedience training and socialization.  We achieve these must have standards by teaching rock solid loose leash walking, holding stay positions, polite greetings and increasing focused attention. Although foundation training is the standard, Board n’ Train packages will always be tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

Once your dog learns the foundation for the behaviors you want, we will work with you so that you can maintain all of those behaviors.  We highly recommend follow-up lessons and/or group classes and will provide you with the valuable support you need to continue having success in your training.  

Do we guarantee our results?  Because of variables in dog breeding and temperament and owner commitment and experience, a trainer cannot and should not guarantee the results of his/her training.  We do guarantee that we will be committed to you and your dog throughout the Board n' Train program and after your dog goes back home with you.  We will build a solid foundation of behaviors, it is up to you to continue the progress.

A typical Board n' Train program lasts 3 weeks and the cost is $2,100. Availability is limited.  Please contact us to discuss your goals for Board n' Train.  Aaron will be happy to discuss this program with you.  He can be reached at (716) 261-7303

What is included in the Board n’ Train Program

  • Initial consultation

  • Pick up & drop off of your dog at your home

  • Turnover lesson to teach you how to reinforce the behaviors your dog has learned

  • One follow-up private lesson

  • Discounted group class and/or additional private lessons

  • Picture/Video updates on your dog’s progress

  • 1 year Free e-mail support 

  • Unlimited e-mail support while enrolled in group classes 

  • Because we want you to continue having success in your training, we will send your dog home with some training aides we used during the Board n' Train program.  The items will be different for every dog depending on what they find reinforcing, but may include a special “go to place” mat, a clicker, a Kong or other interactive toy, favorite treat or toy rewards.

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